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Thanks for interest in becoming a customer of Isidore Foods - Organic and Local Food Delivery for the Pittsburgh Region.  We are helping to build the local food infrastructure in these regions so our customers have a connection to local farmers and artisans.

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Our Mission and Values

To be the most socially responsible, environmentally sound, and financially profitable Internet local foods subscription company in Western Pennsylvania.

We have developed values statements in three areas: People, Planet and Profits:


  • We build customer relationships that extend beyond product purchases to include dialogue and information exchange.
  • We provide meaningful work, fair compensation, a spirit of teamwork and opportunities for growth for our staff.
  • We actively participate in our communities to address food security, human health and well being, environmental stewardship, and economic self-reliance.


  • We adopt policies and practices that honor and sustain our natural world.
  • We use the most up-to-date information to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We recognize our staff and suppliers for their efforts to protect the planet.
  • We make it easy for our customers to reduce their impact on the earth.


  • We achieve profits by anticipating customers' needs and meeting their expectations.
  • We maximize profits by operating efficiently and effectively.
  • We value long-term profits over short-term gains.
  • We share our wealth with those who help create it.

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